Biopharma Cork


Project :


Address :

Ringaskiddy, Cork

Time :

January 2017 to Ongoing

Award :


Works included:

  • Setting up contractor’s carpark and compound to accommodate 1400 construction workers.
  • Removing a front of house carpark and placing temporary office space to accommodate 450 Jansen staff.
  • Rerouting of critical services such as mains power, fire mains, water mains and coms, all works completed within a live campus.
  • Construction of a retaining Secura Grand wall slate colour containing 7,750 blocks.
  • 165lm of the coping with rounded fence, 3,500 m2 of the Geogrid Fortrac 55/30-20, 3500m3 of crushed backfill.
  • Relocation of a live pump house and fire water tanks.
  • Excavation of 7500m3 foundations and blinding of same.
  • 10000m2 car parking spaces and access roads, including all services, fill, kerbing, tar, line marking and signage. Also installed 20 electric car charge points.
  • All site services including 4km of storm water from 750mm to 150mm.
  • 15km of ducting.
  • 2km of fire main.
  • 1000m of potable water.
  • 500m of foul.
  • 1000m of process pipe.
  • 2000m2 of concrete yard within a live loading bay area.
  • 9000m2 of site roads.
  • 15000m3 of berms and top soiling.
  • 2km of hoarding.
  • Up to 70 employees, 200000-man hours, 650000lts of diesel used.
  • Supply of a full-time road sweeper, wheel washes to accommodate dump trucks working within the site, wheel bath to accommodate trucks leaving the site.

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