Cordis Cashel

Cordis Cashel Project
Cordis Cashel Project
Cordis Cashel Project

Project :

Cordis Cashel

Address :

Cashel, Tipperary

Time :

August 2007 to April 2009

Award :

€4.7 Million

Works included:

  • Site strip 4 acres, 18000m3 muck off site.
  • 6000m3 soil stabilisation used under buildings and roads.
  • 3000m3 excavations for foundations including the cropping of 250 piles.
  • 4500m3 of stone fill to buildings.
  • 400 space turn key carpark and access road including a revamped campus entrance existing entrance and roads kept live during construction.
  • 1800m2 of site roads and concrete yards.
  • Site services including storm water, foul, potable water, fire mains, electric, coms and gas.
  • 1k of brand-new road with foot paths and green area build for Cashel Town Council completed in 8 weeks.
  • 5km of permeant and temporary fencing.
  • Up to 30 employees, 45000-man hours, 250000lts of diesel used.

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